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CONFIDENCE-WP4 Workshop on Scenario planning during the transition phase to support the preparedness for post-accidental recovery

In the framework of the European Project CONFIDENCE, the Work Package 4 (WP4), “Transition to long-term recovery, involving stakeholders in decision-making process”, is devoted to improve the preparedness and response during the transition phase, identifying and trying to reduce the uncertainties in the subsequent management of the long-term exposure situation, reflecting the requirements of the new BSS.

Different participatory approaches will be used to facilitate both the incorporation of expertise as the points of view and interests of the stakeholders, in such preparedness process. The scenario planning or scenario-based analysis has been revealed as an efficient and affordable procedure to support a structured decision-making engaging the stakeholders.

The Workshop on “Scenario planning during the transition phase to support the preparedness for post-accidental recovery”, which took place in Madrid, Spain on November 20-21, 2017, has been organised to contribute to this purpose.

This Workshop is now over. It has been attended by 27 participants representing the partners of the Work Package 4, as well as other representatives from WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP6 of the CONFIDENCE project.


workshop attendees

The workshop has provided the opportunity to collect the main ideas from participants to define and establish generic scenarios situated in the transition between the emergency and the recovery phases addressing remediation strategies and other issues to be used as basis for further discussions in national stakeholders' panels.

Final programme, the minutes and presentations of the workshop, including the preliminary results of the questionnaire for the participants launched joined to this workshop are now available from this web page.

For live updates and news about work package and CONFIDENCE project, please visit the CONFIDENCE-WP4 page.