Technical Program

13-17 December, 2021

Venue: Building 1, main auditorium. 
CIEMAT. Avda. Complutense, 40. Madrid (Spain)

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SESSION TH-1: Insights into state of art in nuclear thermal-hydraulics

TH-1 Chair, Co-chair: H. Glaeser, J. Freixa

P01 TH-1.1           N. Aksan, F. D’Auria: Summary from “Aix-en-Provence 1992” and “Annapolis 1996” OECD/NEA/CSNI Specialists Meetings in Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics

P02 TH-1.2           J. Riznic: From NURETH-2013 to NURETH-2019: Non-critical summary and brief contribution to the history of nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics (draft)

P03 TH-1.3           S. M. Bajorek, M. Bernard, J. M. Kelly: Regulatory Needs and Thermal-Hydraulic Code Development at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

P04 TH-1.4          J-L. Vacher, P.Gaillard: Industry needs in the thermal-       hydraulics system codes

P05 TH-1.5           Ki-Yong Choi, Kyoung-Ho Kang, Chul-Hwa Song: Lessons from the ISP-50 and ATLAS project for nuclear thermal-hydraulic safety

P06 TH-1.6           N. A. Mosunova, V.M.Alipchenkov, A. V. Palagin, E.V.Usov, V.V.Chudanov: The overview of some Russian thermal hydraulic codes used for NPP with VVER and fast reactors safety justification: status of the development, validation and perspectives

P08 TH-1.8          F. D’Auria, N. Aksan, Y. Hassan: What is nuclear thermal-hydraulics?


SESSION TH-2: Selected fundamentals in nuclear thermal-hydraulics

TH-2 Chair, Co-chair: F. Reventos, M. Adorni

P10 TH-2.2           D. Bestion, P. Fillion: Multi-field modelling, transport of interfacial area, and 3D modelling in system codes

P11 TH-2.3          K. D. Kim: Multifield modeling in SPACE code

P12 TH-2.4           M. Z. Podowksi: Averaging and Scaling Issues in the Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Reactor Systems

P13 TH-2.5          J. N. Reyes: Application of Dynamical System Scaling to Bubble Dynamics

P14 TH-2.6          L. Rossi, B. Moudjed, N. Turankok: Analytical experiments in single and two-phase flows


SESSION SPS-1: Needs and trends for fundamental development and summary of TH-1 and TH-2

SPS-1 Chair, Co-chair: M. Podowski, K-Y. Choi

P15 SPS-1.1        F. D’Auria, N. Aksan, H. Glaeser: Thermal-hydraulic Phenomena List

P17 SPS-1.3         D. Bestion: Advances in 1-phase and 2-phase CFD based on European Projects and on OECD-NEA-CSNI-WGAMA international activities

P18 SPS- 1.4       X. Cheng, X. J. Liu: Some recent progress in reactor core thermal-hydraulics modelling

P68 SPS-1.5        TH-1 Session Chair: Summary of TH-1 session

P69 SPS-1.6        TH-2 Session Chair: Summary of TH-2 session



FSS = Final Summary Session

RT = Round Table

SPA = Special and Prospective Areas

SPS = Summary Panel Session

TH = Thermal Hydraulics