CIEMAT, the Spanish Research Center for Energy, Environment and Technology, will hold in collaboration with the GESEL-IE-UFRJ (Electric Sector Research Group at the Economics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) an International Workshop on Renewable Energy, in the framework of the activities scheduled by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The event, to take place in Rio de Janeiro from September 30th to October 1st, is intended to gather high-level experts from both Brazil and Spain and is open to research centers, universities and firms. The forum will widely disseminate the Spanish and Brazilian scientific knowledge on Renewable Energy so that opportunities for cooperation programs may be identified and in the short to medium term, such as joint R+D+I projects, pre and post-doctoral students exchange and technology-based company creation. The event will likewise reveal the necessary strategic peculiarities for bilateral collaboration, which will serve scientific public institutions and private companies in finding paths for innovation.



GESEL-IE-UFRJ (Electricity Sector Research Group at the Institute of Economics) has been developing research over the past 15 years on many aspects related directly or indirectly to the electricity sector, including: Regulation, generation mix, funding patterns, concentration process, energy auctions, transmission line auctions, electricity sector finance, public and private governance. In addition, GESEL's team has published several articles in magazines and in academic journals. GESEL publishes a daily newsletter (IFE) and has published since 1998 a yearly book on Comparative Financial Statement Analysis ("Power Sector Companies Series"), and in 2008 has published a book on Bioelectricity.  This group is coordinated by Prof. Nivalde de Castro. GESEL's website is

CIEMAT is a public body for research in energy and environment, under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It has offices in several different regions of spain, and its activity is structered around projects which form a bridge bertween R+D+i and social interest goals. One of the main activity area of CIEMAT is that of Renewable Energy. It is carried out research, development and demonstration in Concentrated Solar Power -a field where CIEMAT can be considered a European benchmark center- as well as in Wind Energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Energy from Biomass. CIEMAT's website is