JRODOS Training Course

Objective of training

The session intends to promote the application of advanced features already included in version 2014July-Update3. In addition, selected features that will be included in the release coming later in 2016 can also be experienced; however, this requires updates that will be installed in the beginning of the Training Course.

If there is clientele for this, newcomers could carry out the Basic Training Course with assistance from present members of the JRodos Team instead of the advanced training. Note: A printout of the Basic Course will be provided for the trainees.


Computers, JRodos installation

All participants who want to attend the training should bring their own laptop with pre-installed version 2014July-Update3-64bit (downloadable from jrodos account on resy5, directory <jrodos/release>). For more information, please, contact the JRODOS Course Team.

Appendix: Specification for an "all-in-one" installation suitable laptop: processor with 4+ cores, 8 GB RAM, 100+ GB disk space (disk must not be a slow one), Modern video card, OS Linux or Windows 64 bit.