First General Assembly Final Agenda

The First General Assembly on 10 October will consist of general information about the Project and several technical sessions, one per work package (WP). Each technical session will be chaired by the respective WP leader, who will arrange its specific agenda and the presentations by the staff involved in that WP to show the detailed work plan for the first year to achieve in due time the deliverables and milestones . Duration of 30-120 min (depending on the subject) will be allotted to each session and could be held in parallel if needed. Any person who is receiving  this message is kindly requested to circulate it to any other person related to the Project (either directly contributing or just being worthwhile to have knowledge about the developments) in order to attend the GA if she/he wishes

Each WP leader will later report a summary to the Management Team meeting on 11 October.


  • to gather all the persons involved in the Project
  • to present the detailed Work Plan in each work package
  • to review the initial priority actions.


Any person involved in the Project, council and stakeholders committee members, scientific societies representatives.





Final Agenda:

General Assembly Agenda


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